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HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (INOE 2000-IHP) in Bucharest – Romania organizes TRAINING COURSES for workers in the field of Fluid Power.

 The courses are organized on two content levels, without conditioning the participation of trainees by their previous formal education – worker, technician, engineer.

 Our recommendation is that personnel wishing to attend Level II courses should attend previously

Level I courses. Each course consists of a module of theoretical lessons and a module of practical activities.

On request, a course can combine lessons from the two content levels, at which can also be added other lessons from the list of various courses.



Level I Course Objectives

– The trainee will receive a basic training that will be useful to understanding the hydraulic equipment and systems.

– The trainee will understand the basic principles of hydraulics and the principles of using equipment pieces within systems.

– The trainee will be able to provide maintenance according to some procedures.

– The trainee will be informed about the dangers that can occur in hydraulic systems and will get work health and safety knowledge elements.

– Finally, students will be able to perform the following activities:

  • Disassembling and assembling components within hydraulic installations ;
  • Adjustment and setting of hydraulic parameters;
  • Checking the basic performances  of hydraulic equipment;
  • Planned maintenance;
  • Participation in service activities.

Level II Course Objectives

– The trainee is able to carry out activities that require understanding the system.

– Activities may require the interpretation and application of non-procedural methodologies.

– The trainee can coordinate a team of maintenance and diagnostics.

– The trainee understands the operation of the equipment pieces and their role in the system.

 For VARIOUS COURSES, their objectives will be mutually agreed by the beneficiary and INOE 2000 – IHP.


Level I courses will be carried out either at the headquarters of INOE 2000 – IHP or at the beneficiary headquarters

Level II courses will be carried out exclusively at the headquarters of INOE 2000 – IHP.



Level I Course

a) The theoretical module includes the following lessons:

– Fundamental principles in hydraulics

– Structure of hydraulic systems. Pumping systems

– Distribution and adjustment systems

– Rotary hydraulic engines and hydraulic cylinders.

– Hydraulic Accumulators. Sealing elements.

– Hydraulic fluids

– Contamination and contamination control of the working fluid.

– Assembling, maintenance and operation of hydraulic equipment.

– Assembling and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

b)  The practical module includes:

– Reading of hydraulic schematic diagrams.

– Presentation of various hydraulic equipment pieces

– Assembling of various hydraulic equipments pieces   

– Checking of the functional parameters of a hydraulic system.

– Service and replacement of hydraulic equipment pieces within installations.

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Level II Course

a) The theoretical module includes the following lessons:

– Fundamental principles and configuration of the basic circuits

– Components of hydraulic systems (controllers, dividers, pressure valves, hydraulic directional control valves, including proportional directional control valves). 

– Pumps and associated control systems.

– Hydraulic engines (rotary and linear).

– Types of circuits, drives and control.

– Hydraulic fluids. Functions, types, characteristics, properties.

– Tanks and auxiliary equipment (batteries, refrigerators, etc.).

– Contamination control of the fluid in hydraulic installations.

– Maintenance and specific diagnostic procedures.

b) The practical module takes place mostly in the laboratories of Hydraulics at INOE 2000 – IHP.

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– Pneumatic equipment and systems.

– Lubrication systems and equipment.

– Proportional hydraulic devices.

– Electrohydraulic servo valves.

– Sensors and transducers specific for hydraulics and pneumatics

– Electronic equipment used in hydraulics and pneumatics.

– Systems design methodologies.

– Hydrostatic transmissions.

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TRAINEE EVALUATION: Courses shall be concluded with test grids.

COURSE DURATION: The duration of a Level I or Level II course is 5 days, with 6 hours per day. If the beneficiary wants to add to the standard course other lessons or specific practical activities the duration will then be jointly agreed upon.

Depending on the level of the course, the fee is 10 € or 15 € per student per hour.

The minimum number of students is 12 and the maximum 20.

A Level I courses can also be held at the beneficiary headquarters with a minimum of 12 trainees.


For Level I courses – whenever a group of minimum 12 trainees can be formed.

For Level II courses, or various courses, indicative dates are June and October, provided that a group of minimum 12 trainees can be formed. 

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