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– Technical University of Kielce, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Wojciech ZORAWSKI

– Institute of Machine Design and Operation, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Henryk CHROSTOWSKI
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Krzysztof Kedzia
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Domagala Zygmunt
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Popczyk Zygmunt
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Jaroslaw Stryczek

– Technical University in Lodz, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Zbigniew PAWELSKI

– University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Jerzy Potencki

– Institute of Machine Design and Operation, University of Technology, Krakow, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Andrzej SOBCZYK
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Jan RYS

Center of Laser Technology of Metals, Kielce, Poland
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Bogdan Antoszewski

Institute of Mining Technology, Gliwice, Poland
Ph.D. Eng. Malgorzata Malec

Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Petr NOSKIEVIC

University of Technology in Bratislava, Czech Republic
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Karol Prikkel
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Lubomir Soos
Ph.Stud. Eng. Andrea Haringova

– Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Pavel Mach

– Johanes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Rudolf SCHEIDL

– Technical University of Viena, Austria
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Johann NICOLICS

– Technical University of Moldova, Moldova Republic
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Valeriu DULGHERU
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Vasile JAVGUREANU
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Pavel GORDELENCO

– University of Russe, Bulgaria
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Pavel VITLIEMOV
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Georgi MITEV
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Vladimir Sr. VITLIEMOV
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Peter RUSSEV
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Gencho POPOV
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Miroslav MIHAYLOV

– Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Karastoyanov

– Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mara Kandeva

– University of Poitiers, France
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Mohamed HAJJAM
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Bernard TOURNERIE
Lect.Ph.D. Eng. Aurelian FATU

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, Rennes, France
Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Adinel GAVRUS

– Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology – PIA, Aachen, Germany
Ph.D.Eng. Elmar DORGELOH
Ph.D. Eng. Arndt Kaiser
Dipl. Eng. Antje Fussen
Ph.D. Eng. Patricia Khan

– Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Jürgen WEBER
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Norman BÜGENER
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Dirk WEHNER

– Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls at Aachen University
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. H. Murrenhoff
Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Schrank

– POLITECHNICA University of Torino, Italy
Prof.Ph.D. Eng. Guido BELFORTE



– European Fluid Power Committee –CETOP
President Ahmet Serdaroglu

– Association of Manufacturing and Trading Companies in Fluid Power Equipment and Components – ASSOFLUID, Italy
President Amadio BOLZANI

– Association of Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Czech Republic
President Radim OLSOVSKY

– Corporation of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives and Controls, Poland
President Henryk CHROSTOWSKY

– Fluid Power Association – FPA, Russia
President Viktor A. SITNIKOV

– British Fluid Power Association – BFPA, United Kingdom
President A. KAY

-National Fluid Power Centre – NFPC, United Kingdom
Director John SAVAGE

– The Fluid Power Association within VDMA, Germany
Deputy Managing Director Peter-Michael Synek


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